Life and work in quarantine

The events of the past few weeks and the spreading of the virus have posed a serious threat to those who are the main focus of the YourTreasure – OurTreasure program: the elderly. We considered it important to demonstrate that contact and care for elderly people is equally important during this period. We asked all partners to present their work and show how we tried to solve the tasks ahead.

Active Citizens Partnership Greece

How did we work during COVID-19?

As the current COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world, Greece and Active Citizens Partnership could not be an exception. Since March 2020, the staff turned their home places into office ones and took complete action from there. 
All activities concerning on-going projects had frozen and trainings were postponed, yet we had the opportunity to complete other office tasks or even expand our computer skills since we finalized many activities through the Internet. The conduction of interviews online, focus groups΄completion and online meetings had taken the lead for almost two months as we managed to maintain an efficient plan so to run all the possible activities smoothly.
All in all we managed to full slickly all the deliverables following the new era fully adapted.

Our new normality has a lot of skype meetings, of course not everything can be done with new technologies especially we cannot reach easily the elderly or the refugees and asylum seekers we are working with but we have to adopt.


February 10, 2020


WE ARE PREPARING OUR EXHIBITION ABOUT ELBLAG IN THE FACULTY OF ARQUITECTURE OF GRANADA from 1th till 30th April 2020 with the photos taken by senior volunteers from the Polish city of ELBLAG during the TRAINING OF SENIORS VOLUNTEERS AS INSTRUCTORS IN PHOTOGRAPHY DEVELOPED  IN ELBLAG, POLAND, from 23th till 26th September 2019


In the framework of “EUROPEAN INSTRUCTOR for seniors” Erasmus project, AIFED developed during four days a training to motivate seniors to be volunteer instructors.

Taught by our partner LUIS MIGUEL PRIETO FERRÓN, the course was attended with a large participation of seniors.

A fantastic training for a great project and now, the results of our work will be an important exhibition in Granada, where the citizens of Granada will be able to admire the photos taken by the seniors of the ELBLAG city.

March 03, 2020

All the events that were going to be held in April 2020 in the city of Granada, in connection with the project “European instructors for seniors”, they are suspended by the COVID19 crisis.

This is the video about the exhibition that was going to take place at the Faculty of Architecture of Granada from April 1 to 30, 2020

One day it will be done

Euridea Italy

All “special” activities being suspended, educators’ work has been focusing on daily activities, such as cooking, gardening, watching movies and tv together, writing and reading. Some special activities were devoted to people with Alzheimer and their relatives and carers, and a big effort was devoted to maintain the network of social educators that is key in carrying out complex project such as the Core (the choir made up of guests of several different facilities located around Empoli).


Overall, the situation is very frustrating for Silvia and the other educators: social relationship is the essence of their work. Their activities are essentially aimed at breaking the isolation in which guests of old people’s homes risk to be confined. Social distancing is exactly the opposite of what they have been trying to achieve for so many years.


The situation in Italy is improving. Currently, we have almost zero new cases in Tuscany, and in Italy number of new cases and deaths is greatly reduced. The lockdown is over, although for fragile elderly it will continue for some time. Other people should keep elementary precautions such as wearing a mask and keeping distance.

Universidade Sénior de Oeiras Portugal

Adress USO: Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque, nº 6

2780-344 Oeiras


The Oeiras Senior University (USO) aims to provide the growth of knowledge, through motivations and teachings in the intellectual, cultural and technological fields.


The conditions for active and productive growth were already created as essential for a better social and human integration in the environment where they operate.


The USO Directorate decided to close the University on March 16, following the Government’s guidelines for all Schools and Universities. Over these months, it has followed the evolution of the Pandemic situation, the recommendations of the DGS (Portugal Health Organization) and the guidelines of the RUTIS
( Network of Senior Universities in Portugal).


– 1 –


At Easter time, the USO Directorate informs that the University will not reopen in the current academic year.


The academic year 2019/2020 despite the terrible confrontation with O COVID19, with the inherent adversities and above all by the age composition of the target audience (over 60 years old) succeed to implement a virtual approach to them.


In response to this pandemic, the necessary tools were created and adapted to the existing reality, either with the implementation of online classes (ZOOM) and other communication applications.


All of these computer communication applications, created and disseminated at the beginning of the school year, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, were widely used by teachers and students in the dissemination of information, chats and joint initiatives with greater intensity in the period from March to the present .


USO created a weekly schedule that makes it available to anyone who

wants to participate.

The classes available are both theoretical and practical, such as dances,

art, philosophy and others.


– 2 –

The academy involved the creation of new methodologies for classes, new forms of motivation, bringing information, participation and solidarity to the mandatory confinement of students and teachers. Passivity was combated with new initiatives, keeping alive the spirit of wanting to know and share by communicating.


The emptiness that the pandemic and confinement could cause, was immediately combated by the flourishing of innumerable initiatives of several Senior
Universities from all over the country.


The main motor of this dynamic was conducted by RUTIS (Network of Portuguese Senior Universities) , which provided all students, since the beginning of the confinement perod, via online and regardless of the region where they were, classes on numerous topics, of widely recognized value and which greatly contributed to the dissemination and growth of new knowledge. (economics/gardening/ photography/ art/a daily history/ quiz/ yoga / gymnastic/ dances
and so on).


– 3 –


As it was not possible to reopen the face-to-face classes at RUTIS, aware that it is essential to keep our target audience – the seniors – active, creates the necessary tools and adapted to the existing reality, with the implementation of online classes, through a platform created for this purpose with online classes, called UNIVERSIDADE SENIOR VIRTUAL (, inviting students from all senior universities to register and participate in classes, according to their interests and availability .



– 4 –

Following this idea, some of the countless senior universities in the country, resorted to similar platforms, having invited their professors to participate and to make themselves available to give virtual classes to all Senior universities students.


Meanwhile, the YTOT portuguese team, is working on the project as possible and had already 2 zoom meatings and a face to face one in a public garden.

Communication with the History Museum of Paula Rego and the Municipality of Oeiras continues in order to keep them informed how the project will develop.


On the other hand Oeiras Municipality took some actions regarding the population in general and elderly in particular.Specifically, supporting all the material needed by the NHS to fight the pandemic (ventilators/mascaras) and putting in place all DGS directives, combating the scourge of hunger of those who became unemployed in the immediate term and, also, as taking medicines to those who needed.


– 5 –

A Volunteers scholarship for isolated people regardless of their conditions were put in place, delivering what was needed


Specific phone help lines were created so no one would be left helpless.


The Fit Senior program (gymnastics and sportive classes) continued, first with virtual classes and now with a mix program, either in public gardens either virtual, addressing everyone to continue active like walking and giving guidance to
Fit Seniors.


New and continuous challenges await us. We will be here to face them with the same creativity and willingness to change for growth in active aging.


– 6 –

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Kunszentmártoni Általános Művelődési Központ Hungary

Baking for All Ages

The Local History Museum of Kunszentmárton held its annual Home-knowledge Camp. One of the programs was a joint quiz about herbs and spices with the local Elderly Care Home residents and the members of the Seniors Club. They also made a traditional baked pastry together to everyone’s enjoyment.

Snapshots of the town's senior citizens

Events organized by Kunszentmárton’s Senior Club before the pandemic

The residents of the Nursing Home in Kunszentmárton during the pandemic

The Report of the Social Care Center of Kunszentmárton

The Social Care Center of Kunszentmárton is an integrated institution that takes care of the elderly in several locations. In the emergency state caused by the COVID-19 virus the tasks of our Elderly Day Care Unit multiplied, in which the leaders, colleagues and institutions of the local government help significantly. To secure the health of the town’s elderly we help them with their groceries, buying their medication, delivering their lunch. Our colleagues and helpers do their jobs with following the recommended protocols and using the necessary protective gear which the institution provides to them regularly for the safety of themselves and the people they take care of.

In the Nursing Home the capacity for inpatient care is 25 and 10 of our professionals care for the patients with caution to the precautionary measures placed for the time of the pandemic. Due to the visiting ban the relatives can’t see their loved ones in person, so we are trying to be even more aware of the mental and emotional health of our residents, because in this situation the emotional reassurance, support and protecting their mental health is indispensable. We try to help to stay in touch with relatives as best as we can via phone or the internet to assure our resident’s well-being. I think we can make this difficult period easier for them this way and help them keep and nurture their friendships and family relationships. The medical care is continuous in the Home which provides medical safety for are residents and healthcare professionals.

In the name of the institution and the local government, I can say, that in the town of Kunszentmárton we can provide high quality care for our elders, honoring their human dignity, by working with professionals and helpers, who think of this job as their profession and try their best so the residents of the Home and the town can feel the same way.

Mrs. Györgyi Berczéné Csörögi

Acting Head of the Instiute

The Your Treasure – Our Treasure project in Kunszentmárton during the COVID-19 pandemic

We help where we can and do what we can. With this in mind we continue our work since the 18th of March 2020. Our colleagues help out with providing care and supplies to our community members who are over 65.

1. picture : The team who took part in surveying the needs of our senior citizens in the early days of the pandemic

Honoring the local governments request our institution organized and implemented the survey to asses the needs of our senior citizens, specifying what kind of help they need (lunch, groceries) and how many people need it, or do they already have someone who takes care of them.

2. picture: Planning the route of the survey

After finishing the survey our colleagues continued to roam the town in every weather to provide for the elderly. They deliver lunch and shop for groceries for those in the community who don’t have anyone else or who’s loved ones can’t help them daily.

3. picture: Providing for the elderly

In this unforeseen situation the coordination of the project gives us newer and newer challenges. Regardless, we did not forget our main goal. We work on perfecting the projects expected impacts using the Impact+ Tool.

Even this period has its positive effect. We can get to know our target group even more, their situation, thoughts, nature in this persistence and self-discipline demanding situation. This experience can help us in the future of the project.

4. picture: Work on the project simplementation

We wish everyone good health and patience!

Meeting of generations in the museum

At the homeland knowledge camp, starting in the beginning of July, the children talked and played with our dear guests from the seniors’ club. The youngsters could listen how they built houses, barns, sheds, how little boys and girls played around the house. During the conversation and the game, it turned out that the youngsters know surprisingly much about their grandparents’ lives and past. Relationships and friendships were established between the honorable grandmothers and grandchildren during only one morning. We want to have many more such meetings!
We had guests from the seniors’ club: Istvánné Balogh, Istvánné Imre, Istvánné Gácsi, Irén Kiss, Mártonné Kardos, Jánosné Szabó
Thank to Mariann Horváth, the professional director of day care for the elderly and the Social Care Center in Kunszentmárton, for ensuring that our guests get to the museum!

A lovely morning at the museum (By Sipos Zoltán)

Meeting of generations (By Sipos Zoltán)

We met in Kunszentmárton where we discussed the Good Practice Collection.

Martfű Városi Művelődési Központ és Könyvtár - Hungary

Epidemic in Martfű

The City Beautification Club count on the help of young people

Members of The City Beautification Club of Martfű are mostly over 65 years of age.They cultivate flower islands next to streets to this time. Now workers of kindergarten took over this task, to support the elderly in this way.

Ensuring the supply of the multiplied number of care givers requires serious organization – 15/04/2020.

There is no nursing home in Martfű, but there is a social institution to care for this age group. Due to the epidemic situation, their normal duties have multiplied, while they have to take care of their own health and the health of their caregivers. They also shop form edication and disinfectit in their homes if needed. Their Guideline: government decrees and measures coordinate the rules and tasks on a daily basis.

Municipal assistance to protect the elderly in the event of the epidemic: disinfection of public institutions, sharing free face masks, drug-purchasing, social catering – lunch delivering to elderly’s home.

Because of epidemic we had to close the cultural centre in front of visitors. But we didn’t want to lose touch with children, families or elderly.

We have a Digital Wellbeing Program (DJP)in the library. Leader of this group helped elderly to pay checks online, handlee-recipes, buy something online etc.


Gabriella, leader of our library told tales online not only for children but also for adults. There was a tale about smart attitude events, about Easter and Pente cost among them. Librarians also organized an online poetry day show.


Under the guidance of Zita our mediagroup made videos about exhibitions in cultural house to see the mat home like live.


Enikő and Andrea organize outdoor concert series. These are also safe for the elderly and in Martfű there are many beautiful places. With this series we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of our city becoming independent in an unusual way.They advertise an online cooking competition on the occasion of May 1.


Mezőtúri Közművelődési és Sport Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. Hungary


The life of the amateur genealogists in Mezőtúr, most of them pensioners, has also been changed by the restrictions due to the coronavirus. Our monthly meetings,at which the tasks ahead are discussed, have been cancelled. Fortunately, as family history research required them to do so, many of our older members have learned to use the computerand the internet, therefore staying connected is not a problem, although keeping in touch online cannot replace personal contact. Correspondence has become more frequent and expanded in subject matter. Werecommend content available onlineand give each other ideas mainlyon how tomake quarantineeasier to bear.Research in recent years has been carried out mainly through correspondence, which is more practical.


The epidemic has interrupted the very end of the most important event in the life of our association, our jubilee exhibition at the Túr Pottery Museum titled Roots and Wings. The last two guided tours had to be cancelled, and we have to findother ways to draw conlusions and summarize our experiences. We would like to conduct the remaining two guided tours on the Facebook page of the museum, which will also serve the purpose of archiving. We have already written a detailed account about our exhibition for Redemptió,the local history periodical of Jász and Kun settlements, which had been sent to all our members before it became available in print. We also plan to publish an article about the afterlife of the exhibition in Lámpás, the local history, community culture and literature periodical of the Bodoki Fodor Local History Association.