Kunszentmártoni Általános Művelődési Központ

Our institution

 The Local History Museum collects, preserves, shows and treasures the artifacts, memories and documents of Kunszentmárton and the surrounding area called Tiszazug. We primarily communicate the area’s ethnographical, historical and cultural values through school and public education. The Museum is part of a larger institution, which is the Local Cultural Center of Kunszentmárton.

Our institute has many years of earnest experience with the education of young children and teenagers and has achieved notable success in this field. The museum has received thenationalmuseum-pedagogical certificate of merit twice. (2014, 2017). Our kindergarten was one among 12kindergartens of the country, given the Award Kincses Kultúróvoda 2016 (Cultural TreasureKindergarten 2016), due to the innovative collaboration with our cultural institutes. Our museum hascollected multiple national, county and local awards, thanks to our outstanding museum-pedagogicaland cultural community building activities. Our StudyRepository, which won the title of Tourism virtueof the county, serves as a learning opportunity for the elderly, as well. Our regular and periodicexhibitions, interactive guided tours, museum lessons, activities and events provide entertainmentand learning opportunities from kindergarten-age to the elderly.

The biggest challenge our institute faces today is the more emphatic caring for and engaging withsenior citizens due to our town’s gradual ageing, in which we would like to usemuseumandragogicalmeans, means of geronto-andragogy, as well as methods of the cultural fields.

Your Treasure – Our Treasure

Our institution’s goal with the project is to prepare for working with and engagingthe elderly in a structured and conscious way. Until now we mainly engaged with the age group (55+) through organizing exhibitions and the Fine Arts Camp. Our events usually involve the members of the Collector and Pensioner clubs as volunteers.

Members of the team:

Gabriella Pusztai, project coordinator and director of the integrated institution, historian with a PhD degree. She was the director of the Museum from 1988 and the director of the Local Cultural Center of Kunszentmárton in the last 7 years.

Csilla Habi, historian. Employee of the Museum from 2018. Her exceptionally good organizing skills helped her implement numerous museum programs. She has advanced skills in the English language, which along with her firmness and endurance are necessary for the implementation of the project.

Éva Harangozóné Tóth, museum andragogist and pedagogist, coordinator of andragogy activities, leader of the Arts Camp of Kunszentmárton and of the Museum Friendship Club in the elementary school. One of the creator’s of our good practice methodology which uses the methods of museum and kindergarten pedagogy. She has been working in the museum for 27 years.

Krisztián Hegedűs, historian-ethnographer, vice-director of the Local Cultural Center of Kunszentmárton, the director of the Museum. He has several years of experience in coordinating EU projects and organized numerous exhibitions. He is also the mentor of the local Collector’s Club.

Beatrix Vass-Bathó, nature conservation engineer, has been working for the museum for 3 years. Organizer of exhibitions and lectures. Coordinator of our running EU project (EFOP). Exceptional organizer with advance skills in the English language.