Future Focus Ltd

Rosanne Galea – Managing Director 

Finding the right training centre and the right programme that meets your requirements is not easy 

At Future Focus we try hard to provide the environment where learning is fun. We try to provide a great experience for our students. We invest in our premises and in the equipment. We try to source the best possible lecturers; those that not only have academic qualifications but also practical experience in the fields in which they are training. 

We want to provide a great experience in Malta for all the overseas students that choose Future Focus. Malta is a great place to live in and we want to make it even more special for those who come here for a short period of time. 

I am sure that none of our students will ever regret having chosen Malta as their destination for training and education. 

At Future Focus we are committed to providing people with life long learning opportunities. We believe that we can enhance career prospects and it is a great honour for us when potential employers phone us to recruit our students. It is the best certificate we can ever get that proves quality in our training.

We work with many state, church, and private organisations, ranging in size, from very small to relatively large institutions. Elderly care is an issue as we are experiencing an ageing population. Since the number of Maltese persons wanting to work with the elderly is on the decline, we attract workers from abroad mainly from Asia. The main issue is that these Asian workers do not speak the Maltese language. We are in constant contact with the homes in order to follow our students. We organise visits at the homes and we have specially trained assessors doing this work. We also work with other training providers such as course accreditation bodies to ensure that the programmes we offer are of a good standard.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, lessons are held online but under normal circumstances, students attend the lessons in our training centre. Our centre is a historic building beautifully converted to offer modern facilities. Our town has an ageing population and we work in the local community to support the elderly.