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Short report on the project.
Why is the Your treasure - Our treasure program important to us?
A short report on the work of the project.

Maltese interviews
The participants were interviewed during the LTT in Malta.
Each of them told us about their experiences and lessons learned.

LTT in Spain
14-18 October 2021
Your Treasure – Our Treasure

In October 2021, we had the opportunity to gain an information-rich insight into the programmes of the Spanish partner, AIFED in Granada.  The organisation currently coordinates the implementation of 18 EU programmes, most of which were of interest to the participants of the Your Treasure – Our Treasure programme. These projects were the subject of several days of presentations by the head of the organisation and its staff, which were made even more enjoyable with games and exercises to match the theme. These presentations also gave us the opportunity to get to know the local OFECUM organisation, that organises cultural and support programmes specifically for the elderly.

They also dedicated a presentation to one of their most successful projects, Gardens in Europe. In connection with this theme, we were able to take a closer look at the flora of Spain in one of the city’s a large public parks.

We started by visiting the exhibition spaces to explore the museum theme. The Science Park Museum+BIODOM in Granada is a complex that addresses different age groups in different ways. The themes are common: sciences – but the methods differ. The technical aspects of organizing high-quality exhibitions and the functioning of the museum’s visitor service units were discussed during the guided tours. 

The city’s main attraction, the Alhambra, has a variety of separate exhibition spaces, from a huge open-air garden to small underground exhibition rooms. Here, too, the most interesting question was how to ensure that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, can have a safe and enjoyable experience in a monument complex with millions of visitors. We have seen great solutions to the same issue at other attractions in the city (e.g. the cathedral, art collections, etc.).

Learning training teaching activities (LTT) Greece
6-11 september 2021
Your Treasure - Our treasure

The exchange of experience organised by the Greek partner took place in September 2021, where we had the opportunity to meet in person with representatives of the participating institutions as well as to gain insight into the work of the Athens-based non-profit organisation Active Citizens Partnership, which, in addition to improving the quality of life of the elderly, also addresses issues such as cultural equality and the integration of immigrants.

In a full-day workshop, Stelios Pelasgos, renowned performer, psychologist and university professor, demonstrated how he uses tales – usually Greek folk tales – and old photographs to entertain older people, while also gathering a wealth of micro-historical data.


In Villia, a village a hundred kilometres from the capital, we had the chance to learn how a seniors’ club with a decades-old history, organised entirely from the bottom up, manages to meet the needs of local residents and how they organise their events. Among their good practices, the story of the founding of the local folk museum was the most interesting in terms of museum work.

With the help of a specialist from the Acropolis Museum in downtown Athens, one of the largest collections of ancient art in the world, we had the opportunity to learn how the museum, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, responds to the needs of elderly visitors, what criteria it uses to build a new exhibition and how it has adapted its work in the last year and a half in the light of the pandemic.

We held our second professional day on the 20th of April, 2021!

The partners (AIFED from Spain and USO from Portugal) presented their work to the other teams in an interactive presentation.

We held our first professional day on the 3rd of February, 2021!

The coronavirus continues to be an obstacle in front of holding the trainings planned in the project, but we will not sit idly by in the meantime.

At our professional days held through Zoom, the partners work and elaborate on a topic of their choosing in the form of an interactive presentation engaging the rest of the participants.

Our first speakers were the Martfű Város Művelődési Központ és Könyvtár (The Town Cultural Center and Library of Martfű) and the Active Citizens Partnership teams.

The first team spoke about the relationship between Martfű’s institution and the city’s senior clubs and organizations and reported on the methods of cooperation. The Active Citizens Partnership team in Greece introduced the participants to the PhotoVoice method, showing its essence and transformation, reflecting the situation caused by the coronavirus.

We met again online in November and we discussed the next steps and the tasks ahead.

In June, all project partners attended an online meeting on Zoom.
We discussed the impact of the pandemic on the project, talked over the most urgent and important tasks for the coming weeks and months, and we agreed on a date for the next online meeting.

Transnational project meeting (TPM) Kunszentmárton
January 24-26, 2020
YourTreasure - OurTreasure

 23 enthusiastic dedicated partners have come together from seven different institutions of five European countries, to start working closely together, to share our experiences and good practices over the next 20 months.

After a day full of traveling from several corner of Europe, our first meeting was organized in Cserkeszőlő in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. After a cheerful dinner, Gabriella Pusztai, the Director of the General Education Center, the leader of the Hungarian consortium gave her welcome speech, but in a really special way! Her welcome words were spoken in the partners’ mother tongue as well as in English, so, in a total of six European languages: Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, and last but not least, Hungarian; by this to establish a familiar cross-border relationship that will accompany our months spending together.

The second day of the TPM was continued in the conference room of the Local History Museum in Kunszentmárton. After the opening speech of the mayor of Kunszentmárton, Attila Wenner-Várkonyi, we started the day with a warm-up program: with the help of Ferenc Mucsi potter master we painted a plate! The refreshing plate painting and icebreaking game brought our international team closer to each other, so we could start the more serious part of our mission.

By presenting The object and memory task, we tried to show our partners the purpose of our mission, how much meaning and memory our objects can carry, moreover with their help we can illustrate a whole life story.

Henceforward, Zsolt Pusztai, the director of the Túri Fazekas Museum in Mezőtúr, talked about the memory itself as the central idea of the project and our further goals. He underlined also, that in contrast to the museum programs mainly dealing with the elderly people with dementia, we place more emphasis on preventing dementia and preserving the psychological and mental well-being of the target group.

The presentation was taken over by Csilla Habi, coordinator of the Kunszentmárton Local History Museum, who gave general information about the obligations and tasks affecting all participants.

For participants to leave Kunszentmárton with a lasting sweet experience, we visited the rightly famous Talmacsi Confectionery, where everyone could choose from Hungarian and French inspired cakes.

Of course, we did not forget to guide our guests around the Museum building. We wish us many enthusiastic and active visitors like them in the future!

The Hungarian task for our partners was introduced by Zita Eiler, our colleague from Martfű City Cultural Center and Library. The results of this will be seen at the end of the project in the spring of 2021.

During the day, our Italian partner, Euridea, introduced itself and their successful self-developed program, especially for people living with dementia. They also displayed a short film about their work, which with its intimate and professional atmosphere had a great impact on our team.

We could have ended our day with something else than Hungarian folk music and a little dance, of course. Some of us said, he hadn’t been touched by music for years, but now, at the end of the day, he joined us as well. No other could prove it better, that we were no longer just partners when we left, but a true team furthermore, who want to work together for 20 months with determination and success.

Short report on the project.
Why is the Your treasure - Our treasure program important to us?
A short report on the work of the project.